Recycling piles of discarded clothes

In today times of fast changing fashions and expanding markets, every household has piles and piles of old and discarded clothes. Even after distributing among poor, and bartering them with bartanwalis for kitchen utensils, there is no end to this junk. There are also growing volumes of fabric and trim wastes emerging from ever expanding clothing and garment industry, which often results in vast dumps.
At a broader level, greening of textile manufacturing and apparel making industry is slowly emerging as a new area of concern in global environmental policies and initiatives. Currently, many international brands of textile and clothing have started expressing green design idea in many ways such as use of recycled materials and use of non-polluting raw materials in production.

Our pioneering initiative

In the context of the above, our pioneering initiative in New Delhi’s Dwarka area has launched a big movement for popularising and disseminating a new kind of recycling technology- production of utility and fashion bags, laptop bags, school and college bags, quilts, jackets, foldable almirahs, attaché cases from old clothes and thus promoting a decreased use of plastic/leather products commercially available in the market on a significant scale. We also in the process of building a brand value for popularising the above recycling idea.
In addition, we are creating a cadre of young girls skilled in this new vocation. For our poor women trainees, it provides an entry in a new sector for acquiring skills and opportunity for work in an entirely unexplored market.

Our Offerings

To be part of the global efforts of top brands of textile and clothing towards expressing green design ideas such as products being made from recycled materials and use of non-polluting raw materials in production.
Offering people to barter old discarded clothes for acquiring highly usable products and preserving memories of their favourite but discarded clothes in new forms.
Hundreds of households, professionals and even students are getting these clothes transformed into a number of very useful items.
Making productive use of fabric wastes and rejects from garment manufacturers and exporters.

Savings in cotton cultivation and water for irrigation

On an average, one bale (500 lbs) of cotton is obtained from one acre of land. For growing one bale, about 6 lakh gallons of water is needed. One bale of cotton can produce 215 pairs of jeans or 250 bed sheets or 765 men’s dress shirts or 1,217 men’s T-shirts or 500 skirts or 370 women’s dresses. If each set of these six garments (totaling about 3300 garments), when they become old and discarded, are recycled to produce new products, it will result in saving of six bales of cotton. This means six acres of land would be freed from cotton growing, leading to a saving of 6X6 or 36 lakh gallons of water! This could be an indirect unique benefit of our initiative.

Our Key Customers

Hundreds of households, professionals, school and college students and maids and other people living in slum areas around Dwarka.

How we are growing

The old cloth recycling idea is being popularised in society through a set of strategies:
Holding exhibitions in housing societies, localities, community centres and offices (during launch hours)
Advertising through display boards, posters and handouts.
Online power point presentation and short film in social media
Facebook ages: recycled bags and quilts forum; recycling of clothes
Facebook: Links with women and other business groups.
Orders from schools for school bags
Orders from students/offices for laptop bags
Articles/coverage in print and electronic media (Dainik Jagran, short interview on DD Bharati during an exhibition-2017, twitter: a mother, a homemaker and an entrepreneur).

We are preserving memories

Our customers are able to convert their clothes which have gone old and worn out, into a new highly usable products and preserve memories of their favourite but discarded clothes in new forms. They will be able to transform their old sarees, pants and jeans, salwar-kameez, shirts, chunnis, and bed sheets into a range of highly attractive, eye-catching products of daily use at a very reasonable exchange price.

Memories that never ends

For example, a mother observes that her dear son/daughter’s jean does not fit him/her any longer. She can get this jean turned into an attaché case or traveling bag in fond remembrance of her ward’s younger days. A wife does not want the saree gifted by her husband long long ago to rot in a trunk. She can get it turned into a cloth almirah hanging beside her bed.


Successfull Years






Happy Clients


  • Recycled Cloth Bags : By Madhu's Collection

    Rohit NGO

    Rajouri Garden

    Got the bags in! They’re perfect and look great! Thank you so much. Appreciate your efficiency, care, and project quality. Will definitely keep you in mind for future projects.

  • Recycled Cloth Bags : By Madhu's Collection

    Manorama NGO


    The tote bags did arrive last night and they look beautiful !!!!! I am very, very pleased and sincerely appreciate all your patience and kindness throughout this entire process. You are certainly an asset to the company and I will spread the word while selling our totes that you and the company are AWESOME !!!!! Thank you so much again

  • Recycled Cloth Bags : By Madhu's Collection

    Shilpa NGO

    South Ex

    Just wanted to let you know that I received the grocery bags on Friday. They look great! We are so excited for our Earth Day event on Tuesday. Thank you so much for everything!

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